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Area of ​​intervention

Promotion of a democratic, just society respectful of human rights.

Objectives and activities

Defense and promotion of human rights and civic education

Field projects

  • Rights education;
  • Legal and judicial assistance for vulnerable people (women and children);
  • Observation of government action;
  • Accompaniment of the population in the protection and promotion of their rights as well as in their civic education.
  • Organization of training sessions, workshop seminars, retreat days, conference debates, colloquia open to all;
  • Publication of books / manuals, liaison bulletins and information and training leaflets;
  • Production of radio and television broadcasts on various themes of human rights, justice, peace, reconciliation;
  • Production of educational materials and documents on rights education


  • Denunciation of injustices and human rights violations;
  • Promotion and propagation of the culture of peace through dialogue and reconciliation;
  • Actions to achieve more justice and peace;
  • Advance the cause of marginalized populations.


Establishment of a documentation center and an internet café to encourage research on human rights and peacebuilding.